Attracting €15m mezzanine financing by Mezzanine Management

Attracting €15m mezzanine financing by Mezzanine Management

Attracting €15m mezzanine financing by Mezzanine Management

Client: Impala Invest BV
Status: Private
Sector: Food Production
Revenue: €210mln
Seller: Mezzanine Management GmbH (Austria)
Status: Private
Sector: Private Equity
Revenue: €15m

Client: Impala Invest BV

  • Impala Invest BV (“Group”) is the holding structure for the leading food sector companies in Bulgaria
  • The Group produces and markets products in the meat, margarine, cooking oil, pastry, and dairy categories and has a sizable ingredients supply business
  • The Group either dominates or has a leading position in the food segments that it competes in


Investor: Mezzanine Management GmbH

  • Based in Vienna, Mezzanine Management (“MM”) is an independent investment firm and the pioneer of the mezzanine product in the region
  • The fund  focuses on providing mezzanine capital to businesses for expansions and acquisitions, management-led equity deals, recapitalisations and buy-outs
  • MM have committed and invested over €400 million in 32 companies across 9 countries in Central & Eastern Europe


Situation Overview & Solution

  • Impala Invest had been growing substantially in the recent past consolidating its leading position on the Bulgarian food market
  • The Group grew both organically, through a sophisticated marketing strategy focused on establishing its consumer brands, and inorganically through acquisitions of assets and whole operating companies in the food industry
  • To accelerate its growth and strengthen its regional market presence, the Group needed fresh capital which could be instantly deployed to capitalize on buy-out opportunities in the region
  • Impala Invest BV hired Entrea Capital to advise it on an exclusive basis on the capital raising process and potential acquisition opportunities


Entrea Capital’s Role and Value Added

Entrea Capital provided the following value-added services to Impala Invest:
  • Originated the approach to Mezzanine Management and pitched the idea of providing growth financing to Impala Invest
  • Compiled and drafted a detailed investment presentation and financial model providing overview of the client’s business and growth opportunities
  • Served as main point of contact for the client and the investor streamlining the whole communication process and alleviating client’s management team allowing them to focus on the day-to-day running of the business
  • Managed and led the due diligence process coordinating teams of independent specialists providing financial, legal and tax  due diligence services
  • Led the negotiations process achieving tangible savings for the client
  • Provided expert advice during the drafting of the complex transaction documents